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Forging Links: Unraveling the LINKED Community Chain Tiers

Welcome to the LINKED Community! Our community structure is modeled on a chain of command and each level comes with its own unique benefits and opportunities. Here is a brief overview of what you can anticipate at each stage!

Tier One: Chain Link

This is the beginning of your LINKED journey. By simply joining our community, you are known as a Chain Link. As a token of our appreciation, you can access the portal for a wealth of information to get you started (check out our Getting Started Guide for more information). You’ll also receive a pack of computer stickers and Coming soon…gain access to our exclusive Slack Channel where you can connect with other members.

Tier Two: Chain Weaver

As your engagement within the community deepens, you will receive the title, Chain Weaver. This tier requires you to register three assessments and actively engage with our community content. Upon fulfilling these actions, you will receive an Anetac Mug, a reminder of your dedication and involvement in the LINKED community as you sip your morning coffee.

Tier Three: Chain Forger

Graduating to a Chain Forger indicates that you are moving on up! This tier requires you to complete your first assessment and provide feedback. Contributing to our TTP Bounty Program (coming soon!) at this stage is a plus! This not only aids your personal development, but also contributes to the continuous betterment of our community. To recognize your efforts, we’ll send you an Anetac Sweatshirt, a badge of your continuing growth and engagement.

Tier Four: Chain Sovereign

The pinnacle of our LINKED community is achieving Chain Sovereign tier. Achieving this status demonstrates a high level of commitment and contribution. It requires the completion of 10 assessments and feedback for each one. When you reach this tier, you’ll receive a ticket to an upcoming industry event such as B-Sides, Black Hat, etc. acknowledging your significant influence in the community and a chance to mingle with others!

Remember, every step in this journey contributes to the strength of our community chains. We’re delighted to have you with us and can’t wait to see you ascend the tiers!