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Identity is the new perimeter. 

Protect access to your organization critical resources to mitigate risk of unauthorized access, data breaches and operational disruptions.

Join the Anetac LINKED Community!

Anetac empowers a community of offensive cybersecurity service professionals to discover, identify, and respond to privilege attacks–with streaming precision. Come connect with cybersecurity pros worldwide and engage with fellow experts.

Unlock the Anetac Difference

The Anetac LINKED Community is a global cybersecurity community brought together to connect, share expertise, solve challenges, and stay up-to-date with cybersecurity trends.

As the name suggests, LINKED symbolizes our commitment to creating strong connections and collaborations with our community. Through the LINKED program, we equip and support an ecosystem of Red Teams, Pen Testers, MSSPs, and Resellers in their efforts to monitor and protect service accounts. Let’s work together to increase your profitability and make your customer attack surfaces more secure.

Enhance Existing
Security Services

Augment or expand your threat hunting, pen testing, managed SOC, Incident Response, or Cyber Assessment services.

Be Rewarded
for Assessments

Receive financial incentives for uncovering hidden security gaps through risk assessments.

Free Software
for Assessments

Utilize a rich set of tools that provide ease of use and fast customer onboarding.

Stay current with the
latest cyber trends

Learn from respected cyber threat hunters and trusted cyber experts.
Anetac’s diverse team brings decades of experience in the cybersecurity industry, safeguarding the world’s most critical assets.