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Identity is the new perimeter. 

Protect access to your organization critical resources to mitigate risk of unauthorized access, data breaches and operational disruptions.


Secure your organization with streaming visibility into service accounts and protect access to essential resources.
Developed by seasoned cybersecurity experts, the Anetac Identity and Security Platform
protects threat surface exploited via service accounts

Revolutionizing cybersecurity by delivering streaming visibility of service accounts, mitigating blind spots, and evolving to meet organizations' dynamic needs, unlike static platforms.

"This saved us many months of effort required for account mapping, helped us scale security efforts and maintain a comprehensive view of our service account landscape."
- Cybersecurity and Architecture Manager at Denver-based Mining Company
"With Anetac Dynamic Identity and Security Platform, organizations are poised for constant surveillance on constantly changing service account privileges"
"Anetac uncovered a 34 year old dormant service account - the person who created the account retired before the service account did"
- CSO, Major Service Provider
"Any large organization is likely to encounter this issue. It's a pervasive problem that is often overlooked, despite its increasing prevalence in enterprises. This issue needs to be addressed with urgency, given its potential impact on operational efficiency and security."
- CSO, Leading Pharmaceutical Retailer
"This problem has been the most challenging and significant issue that I've faced throughout my entire career. It's presented countless obstacles and complexities that require extensive problem-solving and innovation."
- Senior Executive Head of Cyber