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Identity is the new perimeter. 

Protect access to your organization critical resources to mitigate risk of unauthorized access, data breaches and operational disruptions.


Secure your organization with streaming visibility into service accounts and protect access to essential resources.
Developed by seasoned cybersecurity experts, the Anetac Identity and Security Platform protects against privilege attacks.

Revolutionizing cybersecurity by delivering streaming visibility of service accounts, mitigating blind spots, and evolving to meet organizations' dynamic needs, unlike static platforms.

“This is a huge blind spot for us. It will help with our gap assessments required for GRC.”
- Director of Governance, Risk and Compliance, Major Telco
“To do this manually takes 20 people in a room for weeks. When finished, it is already inaccurate.”
- Global Head of Information Security, Healthcare Company
“It’s crazy that in an industry of 3000+ solutions, no one is solving this problem, and it’s a critical one.”
- CSO, Major Service Provider
“Any large organization has this problem and it is largely ignored. It is a growing problem in any enterprise.”
- CSO, Leading Pharmaceutical Retailer
“This is the hardest and biggest problem that I’ve had in my career.”
- Senior Executive Head of Cyber